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Scuba Diving Services

Discover Scuba Cozumel

Our discover scuba options gets you breathing under water for $130 for a 2 tank experience.

It’s the best way for beginners scuba diving Cozumel to try our diving for the first time if they aren't quite ready to commit to doing the full certification course.

Cozumel Scuba Diving Certification

Ready to get fully certified in Cozumel? At ScubaTony we offer both SSI and PADI certifications in Cozumel. Why? This allows us to offer the same scuba certifications for less money through SSI. It’s up to you which cozumel scuba certification you prefer, just let us know.

Open water certification - $440
Advanced - $450
Advanced / Nitrox Bundle - $575

* We only offer courses using the E-Learning and prices INCLUDE course material

Boat Diving Cozumel

Certified Divers - $90 per 2 tank dive trip. AM and PM available. Dive both if you are up for it.

Cozumel Diving Packages - 5 trips or more $80 per 2 tank trip - per diver

Private Charter Diving in Cozumel - Starting at $500 take a boat for your group only.

Rental Gear

As an Aqualung Partner Center, we have the best gear on the island. It’s all for sale too. If you like your gear you can buy it for below the wholesale price.
Integrated weights in the bcds. No more weight belt.

Small, Six Passenger Boat

Personal attention makes it a safer and more enjoyable experience for you. We like to call our service “concierge diving.” Any more than 6 divers in a dive group we feel is too crowded.

Early Departure Times & Fast Boats

In the AM you beat the crowd being the first to the dive site giving you an undisturbed reef and more wildlife. This also means first to surface interval spots and shorter boat rides.


We are more accessible to answer your questions. Even after normal business hours, we are available with a quick email. This makes us more efficient to better serve you.

Better Rental Gear

Have faith in getting the very best rental gear anywhere in the world. All of our rental gear is Aqualung and it’s an upgrade above normal rental gear models. Our BCDs, for example, are all weight integrated.

Best Crew

We attract the best dive professionals on the island. The ScubaTony team is second to none because we are organized and they are paid well. This means you’re getting captains that are focused on you are while you’re underwater. The instructors are talented and excede expectations on safety as well as speak perfect English.


We have consistently been rated number 1 on TripAdvisor as the best scuba diving company in Cozumel. A reputation that you can trust. Have peace of mind choosing a dependable and safe dive operation.

Best Rated on TripAdvisor

We are constantly rated as one of the best Cozumel scuba diving operators. This is because:

  • Each trip has a maximum of 6 divers
  • We have a fast boat which means we get to the reefs before most dive ops
  • Maximum bottom time for each diver regardless of experience level
  • Having a fun and safe experience is MANDATORY

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