These are both schools of scuba certifications. PADI is definitely more famous while in recent years SSI has closed a gap giving dive shops and instructors more tools to work with all while making it more affordable to the student buying the certification. Both are internationally recognized scuba certifications and you can dive anywhere with either certifications. We don’t believe that the PADI or SSI class gives a student more information or makes them better divers choosing one over the other. The reason that we added SSI at ScubaTony was that we can offer the same certifications at a cheaper price and feel that you get more bang for your buck.
As long as the boat is not full that day, they are welcome to come along for $75. Snorkel gear is included as well as the other boat amenities. If it turns out we have 6 divers that day, I have to give the space to the divers.
A great option for this is Discover Scuba. It is a chance for people to try scuba without going through an entire certification class. Certified friends and family are welcome to tag along for this and pay the normal rate for a two tank dive. It also serves as a great refresher for divers who have not been diving for a while or just want a little extra TLC.
We don't normally offer snorkeling but if there is room on the boat, we can offer them snorkeling for $75 each. We cannot reserve this space as divers take priority and we will not know if those spaces are taken until the day before the dive. You can however, pay diver fee of $90 if you want to guarantee room for your snorkelers. Or you can hire a private charter.
Yes, we have a package for divers doing 5+ trips of diving (10 tanks or more per diver) which works out to $80/2 tank trip per diver or $400 if you are doing morning and afternoon dives. Twilight-Night dives are $95 at discounted rate. Single tank Night dives are not discounted and do not count towards the 5+ package rate.
Depending on the season, we recommend at least 1 month. Our calendar is generally 80-90% full 30 days out.
Contrary to most PADI shops, I don't recommend an advanced certification right away without diving a bit more first. Most new divers are still working on the basics of buoyancy and when you book with us, you will be with an instructor in the water at all times. We freely offer advice and suggestions on how to improve your dive skills and drift dive with ease. I believe that bottom time makes good divers, not certificates.
No. I'm afraid we can't pick you up at the terminal. That privilege is reserved for the big dogs on the island which I am not. But we are just a 5-10 min taxi ride away from all the cruise ship piers and we will give you full and complete directions on how to get to us.
Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer 2-tank trips to customers coming from a cruise ship. We can, however, offer you a private charter or you can join us in the pm as Discover Scuba Divers.
No. We offer pickup at the southern hotels only. Almost all of the reefs are in the south and picking up at the northern hotels make the boat rides too long. You will need to take a taxi or rent a car/scooter if you are staying north of Hotel Presidente.
We offer pier and shore pick ups at all hotels, houses, and beach clubs in the marine park, with the exception of the Iberostar. These include: El Presidente, Landmark (Money Bar), Fiesta Americana, Costa Del Sol, Playa Uvas, Paradise Condos, Sabor, Secrets, Aura, Residencias Reef, Paradise Beach Club, Alegro, and Occidental Greand, as well as some private rental homes.
It depends on where you are staying as to how we will meet for diving. We will give you complete written instructions when you make your reservation. Or see other FAQ above.
We do not operate a normal dive shop. We don't sell any goods except for t-shirts and bandannas, so there is no need for a store front. All of our reservations are done online so there is no need to have the overhead of a store and staff to sit in the chair all day. When you make your reservation, we will give you detailed instructions on where we will meet. If you are north of our harbor, you will meet us there for your dives. If you are south of our marina, we will pick you up at the pier or shore by your accommodations unless otherwise specified.
We cannot offer pickups from the mainland. You will need to take a ferry from Playa del Carmen and then a 10 min taxi to meet us in our marina for departure. It takes about an hour total of travel time which means that if you're coming from the mainland, we can only offer afternoon trips since our morning departures are at 7:30 AM and the first morning ferry won't get you here on time. We will give you detailed instructions to get across once we have your reservation.
Our reefs are chosen each day based on our guests' preferences and skills. If you have a particular reef you'd like to visit, let us know and we will do our best to get you there. Weather is rarely an issue in choosing reefs. It mostly depends on what our divers want to do and where they may have already been. Weather and timing can also be a factor in deciding but we try to get our divers where they want to go whenever possible.
We do not require a refresher course, however, if you are having doubts in your abilities, than you will definitely benefit from a little extra attention. You may want to consider booking a Discover Scuba as your first trip or reserve a private guide to make sure you are comfortable getting back in the water. You will be with a certified instructor or dive master during all your dives with us and they can offer you hints or advice in order to improve your skills and your comfort. They will also take extra care of you if you need it.
As an Aqualung dive center / partner, all of our rental gear is Aqualung. All of our BCDs have integrated weights. We're proud to say that we have the best rental gear in the world.
We have AL100 tanks available for rent for $7 each. We have 32% Nitrox tanks for rent for $8 per tank. We also have a limited supply of 32% Nitrox AL100s which are $12 each and available by special request.
PADI charges a large fee to offer E-learning. We cannot absorb that cost. It does save you some vacation time and the course is very thorough online. The Instruction page has all the pricing listed.
We cater to all levels of divers, however, suggest that inexperienced divers book in the afternoon, as the morning trips generally have the more experienced divers. You may want to consider booking a Discover Scuba as your first trip or reserve a private guide to make sure you are comfortable in the water. We always offer help and suggestions to new divers to help them improve their skills. Most dive sites in Cozumel are very easy. Once you try drift diving, you may never want to dive again without it.
No, but most of the time we can if you tell us where you want to go in advance.
Not at all. You will be diving with a certified dive master or instructor on all dives and they will be your buddy.
No. Most of the time the current is mild (about 1 knot). It does change but if the current is too strong, we will pick a different site to dive that day.
Balance for diving is due in cash after your diving is done. We prefer dollars but if you have pesos we like them too and will give you the island rate posted at the exchange houses here. We will give you an invoice for the balance if you are diving with us multiple days. We cannot accept credit cards or personal checks.
Our certified morning trips depart at 7:30 am, while our afternoon trip leaves at 1:00 pm and returns after 6:00 pm local (Eastern Standard) time. Please note that our state, Quintana-Roo, is in Eastern Standard Time. obile devices may not change to the correct time. Please confirm local time when you arrive, so you can be sure to arrive on time for your dives. Make sure you find out from your ship what your actual departure time is. We only work on local time (Eastern standard time) so you are responsible for your ship time or any changes that your ship might make to your schedule. We have never had a guest miss their ship and you won't be the first.
Hopefully! I love to dive even after all these years but the demands of the biz have kept me in the office more lately. Tell me or my staff that you would like to dive with me and I will do everything I can to get in the water to play too!

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