My name is Tony and I am the co-owner and founder of ScubaTony Cozumel. I used to be a police officer in Los Angeles, and one day I learned to scuba dive. It took me about a month to decide that there was more to life than being a cop in L.A. Within a short time I quit my 11 year career with the LA county sheriff's department and went on a walkabout. I landed on Cozumel with a bag of dive gear and little else. I knew little about Mexico nor did I have any friends here but it took me less than a week to fall in love with the island and its people. This island is magical and the diving is some of the best in the world. It is the ideal place to learn to dive and one of the best return dive destinations in the world.

I started ScubaTony about 15 years ago with the idea of offering a level of service that no other shop here offered. It was a one-man show but it quickly grew and I found myself torn between diving and administrating the day-to-day operations. It became too much for one man of the sea to keep up with so I found Adam and Andrea to team up with to make ScubaTony even better. With their help we offer more services and continue to improve the operations. I think you will find our level of service above and beyond any other in Cozumel. We don’t have a storefront that you can walk into. All our business is done through our online reservation system and then we bring our service to you. We are not the cheapest but I am sure you will appreciate the quality we offer. Read our reviews on TripAdvisor if you want some outside proof.

Meet Our Team

Tony Co-owner and Founder of ScubaTony

Back in 1999 I got certified to dive and my life's path has never been the same. I love diving in all kinds of water and through my travels I have found Cozumel to be consistently the best diving. So I started ScubaTony and dedicated my life to creating the best dive service I could.

There is no way you could truly understand the sea unless you have lived and breathed below the surface. We look forward to showing you the world below the waves and I know that you will fall in love with this incredible environment as well.

Adam & Andrea Co-owners of ScubaTony

Adam is from Oklahoma City. With nothing but adventure in his soul, he traveled and moved around the world. Doing everything from teaching English in Austria, dealing blackjack on cruise ships to doing lighting on Hollywood movie sets. He moved back to OKC to be near family and to open and run a successful wine store. From Denver, Andrea has ventured to the tops of mountains to the bottom of the seas. Colorado was home for nearly 25yrs where she owned a prominent successful business for 15yrs but to her, she knew her biggest adventure was to come. Having traveled various places in the world as well, when Adam asked her to join him on this adventure - well - these two kindred spirits took flight together and dove deeper into the world of diving.

We always knew we loved to dive and wanted to live our life close to and in the water but it wasn't til after diving with ScubaTony as guests we knew that the "Dive Life" was for us and would do everything possible for it to happen. It didn't take us long to decide to sell everything from businesses, to the house in the US and take the plunge into the greatest dream of all and move to a little tropical island to become business partners with the one and only Scuba Tony. Surrounded by great water, better than great people we get to call friends - We are now lucky enough to call this little island home and be part of the ScubaTony team!

Captain Carlos (Papo) Captain

You will also get to meet Carlos, (aka Papo) our boat captain. He has over 18 years of experience operating different dive boats in Cozumel. He is the captain of the Chiquilla Bonita (our first boat) and has been since we bought it. He is a human GPS and knows the reefs here better than anyone. He is always there to help out. He watches the bubble and keeps us safe during the dive, then he is there to change out your tank and check your gear when you come up. Carlos is first to offer a fresh shower or a cold drink to make sure you are comfortable while on board the Chiquilla Bonita. We are very proud to have such a great captain to round out the Scubatony service above and below the water.

Captain Hector (Mago) Captain

We are lucky to have Captain Hector (aka Mago) driving the Atila. He comes to us with many years of running dive boats in Cozumel. He is a true asset to our crew and knows the dive reefs like his back yard. He had helped me many hours preparing the new boat (Atila) and takes care of her like it was his own. He loves being on the water and loves to meet new people. He will take care of your gear and change out your tanks in between dives and be the first to offer a drink or warm towel when you surface. He is never outside far when you surface and quick to pick you up. I can't say enough about Hector. He is our energizer bunny. He never stops moving around. Always thinking and fixing stuff. I am very happy to have him with us. Don't forget to ask him why they call him Mago.

Javier LunaInstructor / Divemaster

I discovered scuba diving in 1995, and my life immediately changed. Diving sensitized my perception and awoke in me the passion for the ocean and for all the little grand things that constitute the delicate underwater ecosystem, that has become my life ever since.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Javier moved to the island for a change of pace. With almost 20 years of diving experience in Cozumel, Javier is a passionate dive guide and teacher.

Israel Rivera Instructor / Divemaster

My name is Israel, I am from Mexico city, since I was a kid a was always fascinated by the underwater world (I used to put on a mask and look into a fish tank, so go figure!) I have been a Cozumeleño for the past 20 years, now I do what I love for a living: diving! I'm more than happy to help others enjoy this fascinating world! Come visit and let me show you!

Ruben Padi Instructor at ScubaTony

Ruben is a four time Iron Man finisher that has always had a love for the ocean. Before diving, he was a surfer on the West coast of Mexico. He then became a paramedic and a search and rescue diver for the Red Cross in a river. He became an instructor and started teaching diving. His love for the ocean brought him to Cozumel where he had heard of the warm water and 100 foot visibility. He loves it here and he loves teaching new divers. He has a lot of charisma and everyone in the marina know him. Everyone calls him “Pecho Paloma”.